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Ken Everett is at the hub of a professional training network that spans 30 countries.

His preparation for this was mixed. As a high-school teacher he experienced both the excitement of the classroom and the torpor of a public sector bureaucracy. Over 17 years at IBM he learned about the excitement of international marketing as well as the disciplines of a centrally-managed economy. After a period as Managing Director of Wilson Learning Australia he was enthusiastic about executive training, but also wishing to try it in a business of his own. This he began in 1991, starting to build a network, first in Australia, then Asia and, finally, Europe: In the course of which he has lived in his Sydney, Singapore, London and Gualdo. 

Ken believes in dissolving the work/life divide. His wife and son are active directors of his company, and he spends about half the year in Sydney, and the other half in a small Italian village (Gualdo)—and in each case, the warmer half of the year. He believes it is worthwhile aim to craft an existence in which the work/life divide does not exist. And he believes it is worthwhile to support those in his network who wish to do the same.

While Ken’s formal education consists of a bachelor’s degree in science and a master’s degree in cognitive science, he says he has learned much more over the past 20 years. In that time, his fascination has been with networked organizations, which in turn led to immersing himself in network science, complex adaptive systems, organization design and multiple currencies.

In his next, and fifth, career he and his son Peter are helping others to build international networks. This they have styled as network-to-network networking, or N2N.