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what we do

Firstly, we distribute a training workshop product, Think on Your Feet®.

Secondly, to do this, we built a network of around 300 colleagues in 30 countries.

Finally, we’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand what makes this organization so effective.
Our video, Evolution of a Network Business, sketches in a couple of minutes some of what we discovered.

When we looked back on our experience, many of our breakthroughs came via network-to-network networking (or 'N2N'). For example, Ken’s first introduction to Think on Your Feet® was by a colleague from another network, Wilson Learning. This led to an attempt to become consciously competent at what we’d been doing informally for years which led to a lot of learning; learning we want to share, and grow.

Most recently Ken penned his experience in a book called Designing the Networked Organization. Plus we now host a bi-annual N2N conference with hubs of other international networks and shorter N2N meetings in Australia every 3 or 4 months. Finally, we’ve launched this website to extend N2N’s reach.