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17/Dec/2015, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

…is the title of a new book by Laszlo Bock, head of People Operations at Google. He explains why Google does what it does when it comes to everything internal, from perks and promotions to motivation and productivity.

We heard him interviewed (see below*).  What leapt out at us was when he said people want community and independence. You might recall this is a central theme in Ken’s book.

Some other gems:

Separate hiring interviews from hiring decisions: Interviewers are unreliable on their own. Google requires them to write up their questions and the interviewee’s answers. Someone else reads the transcript and makes the hiring decision. They get better hires this way.

Companies are commonly run on folk lore and tradition. These are not necessarily reliable. (See hiring above.) Google uses its immense analytical power, and large employee numbers, to test and re-test taken-for-granted assumptions.

Bock starts every meeting with 2 minutes of meditation. Result? Better meetings.

He says they take as much power as possible away from managers—including the symbols thereof. The job of management is to serve the team: to ask ‘How can I help these people?’

So, we haven’t read Bock’s book, yet.  But we will.

Given the common sense, given Google’s influence, and our agreement about the about community and independence duality, I’m sure we’ll learn a lot more.

*Podcast interview of Laszlo can be found here.

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