The free book that really cost me.

13/Jun/2014, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations is available as an ebook for $10. I’m going to pay at least 2 or 3 times that. 

Why? On his website* there is this choice:

    • Pay $10 now, or
    • Download it for free, read and within a month reflect on it’s worth to you. Then decide what to pay.

One colleague said: “How stupid. Who would ever pay with that offer?” But I beg to differ. Consider:

    1. It’s a fantastic book.  My pulse raced during some of the stories.  
    2. I will happily pay more.
    3. I’ve recommended the book to many, now including you! 
    4. If they/you had to pay, I would have hesitated. 
    5. Several have downloaded a copy. Many/most/all will pay.
    6. The incremental cost to Laloux is zero.

But does this analysis miss the point? 

Our core purpose has to be to deliver value. If not, how else can we reasonably succeed long term? If so, why should clients pay for anything that doesn’t? Aren't they more likely to pay a premium for something that truly does?
Laloux’s book delivered for me.

Take a risk. Download it. 
But don’t say you weren’t warned!


By Ken

(Disclosure: I have no connection to/with Frederic Laloux.)

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