Recipe for a Zesty Meeting:

02/Jul/2014, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Imagine halving and squeezing 20 oranges. Cut these 40 halves again, for a total of 80 wedges of peel.

Add more imagination to:
  • Magnify the wedges 50 times into arcs of 4 yards/metres
  • Throw away the pieces of peel and replace each with 6 chairs 
  • Randomly scatter these 6-chair-wedges around a conference hall, each roughly facing the podium
  • Open the doors
  • Watch the pax enter, take stock and choose a wedge to join
  • Note how it is impossible to join a wedge without saying “Good morning”, and unnatural to face each other in silence
  • Allow this mixture to ferment naturally 
  • See smiles appear as introductions are made and name cards swapped
  • Allow the conversation levels to rise in this oven of warmth
  • Have the MC walk onto the stage, and note how nobody cares
  • Watch her raise one arm, inviting those in the front to emulate her
  • Wait for the arm-raising spread, as does silence
  • Congratulate yourself. You have cooked up an expectant crowd
  • Begin your meeting
  • Later, celebrate with some of your virtual orange juice

(We regularly run meetings of up to 30 people in circles or similar.  On the way to San Diego for the 2014 Conscious Capitalism Conference, Peter said: “I wonder if they can make a meeting of 400 people feel intimate?”  He found out in the first 10 minutes! The above is their recipe, and gratefully acknowledged.)


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