Madoff or Mackey: Who really represents big business?

22/May/2014, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Bernie Madoff was awarded a 150-year prison sentence, for massive fraud.

John Mackey was awarded:

    • Best CEO in America by the Institute of Investors
    • Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young
    • Best CEO in the World by Barron’s
    • CEO of the Year by Market Watchers
    • Business Person of the Year by Fortune
    • Most Important CEO by Esquire

For what? Do you know?  

One result of Maddock and friends is that big business’ approval rating in the US is only 19% (Congress = 17%). 

Some of this is justified, but all? Mackey asks: Why are 90% of all murders on TV committed by businessmen, when reality is less than 1%?

Modern capitalism is ~200 years old, an era of unprecedented improvement in the human condition: from 85% of living in poverty to 16%; from 90% illiteracy to 14%; from average life expectancy of 30 (unchanged for 40,000 years) to 68 today. *

Mackey: “Capitalism has lifted mankind out of the dirt!”

Mackey heads Whole Foods, a $17 billion company. He takes a $1 salary and accepts no stock options or bonuses. 

He co-authored Conscious Capitalism—Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business.

Madoff or Mackey? 

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