Getting stuff done … together

17/Mar/2014, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

My high school woodworking teacher has a lot to answer for.

Our first exercise was a cutting board—simply using a plane and set square. After some weeks, my board was wafer-thin but classmates were building houses! (Or so it seemed to me.)

I requested a swap to music: “OK, son,” he counseled, “But you can’t go through life always taking the easy way out!”

How I suffered trying to be good at everything. Take PowerPoint. When struggling with it recently, I recalled a fable by George Reavis along these lines:

The animals decided to form a school. The curriculum consisted of lessons in swimming, running, flying, climbing and jumping. At first, the duck was the best swimmer until he wore out his flippers in running class. The best runner was the dog, but he crash-landed in flying class and broke his leg. The rabbit excelled at jumping until he injured his back after falling in climbing class. The school dux was the eel. She could do a little of everything, but nothing really well.

I immediately called Nadia—a PP wiz. ‘No worries.’ she said. ‘Is tomorrow OK?” And I got on with my strength, growing the business.

Asking, ‘How can I take the easy way out?’ actually works if you belong to a network of multi-skilled and collaborative colleagues.

It’s a great way to get stuff done. Together.

By Ken.

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