Change The Label

07/Apr/2015, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

The Freycinet and Milton Vineyards are 20 minutes apart on Tasmanian (Australian) east coast. (Touring tip? It’s one of the best drives in the world.) 

These vineyards compete for passing trade from tourists. 
I was one of these recently, and got a nice surprise…and business lesson. 

Here’s the deal: 
    • Buy as few or as many bottles as you like from each winery you visit.
    • When you get to a dozen bottles, ask the last vineyard (whoever they might be) to pack and ship the lot.
    • Enjoy your wines within the week back at home. 

This is good for you, good for the vineyards, and good for Tasmania. 
When I mention this to friends, why are they all so (pleasantly) surprised? Simply, we don’t expect competitors to collaborate. Labelling prejudices mind-set. 

Why not label your competitor as a collaborator?

And see what possibilities arise? 


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