Leader as Host

26/Sep/2011, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

The idea of the leader as a host hit me the moment I heard Peter Block say it in 2008.  Read more

Mind The Gap!

02/Sep/2011, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Gaps are opportunities: for innovation, for business, for people.

The internet overcame the gap between networks using different protocols--hence the name, inter-net. 
What an innovation that turned out to be!

E-bay reduces the gap between buyers and sellers.
Singapore airport reduces the gap between arriving passengers and their luggage to ~12 minutes.
Amazon reduces the gap between books and readers.
All of these were good for business.

How we fill the gaps to people--our relationships with family, friends, colleagues or customers--defines us.
N2N reduces the gap between people interested in building networks.

Look for the gap.
Stand in the gap.
And as the London Underground announcement says over and over: Mind the gap!
It represents opportunity.

Ken Everett

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The Abundant Community

26/Aug/2011, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

This week I read a book named "The Abundant Community". Written by John McKnight and Peter Block.

Although the book focuses on neighbourhood and family communities, there are some great messages around "abundance" that I think are nice to reflect upon as we build our N2N community.

For example, an abundant community is:
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India Insights

10/Aug/2011, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

In July I travelled to India for market research. I wanted to learn how might we as a business, and a training program, best build on our small success so far.

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The world is dominated by networks

20/Jul/2011, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Consider just a few examples: the internet, power grids, road systems, epidemics, ideas, financial systems, molecules, cellular phone grids, flight paths, the brain, communities, and more.

Knowing about networks is a key for understanding the 21st century. As a science, the study of networks is only about 10 years old. But it is basic to understanding nature, markets, and organizations. Network science is a case of maths meeting the real world. It started with questions like: How do crickets synchronise their chirping? How is the heart regulated when it has many pacemaker cells, with no single one in charge? How does the brain function without a conductor cell? These systems, and countless others, are networks. Read more

Netiquette…..and ‘Closing the Loop’

29/Jun/2011, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Ken and I have talked a lot about what constitutes good networking etiquette. You know, things like how to treat opportunities we are given, how people should be cared for……etc.  We often use the word ‘Netiquette’ to describe this.  Read more