Coffee Breaks and Productivity

22/Nov/2013, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

I didn’t. But a colleague pointed it out to me this week. I found it fascinating inasmuch as it provides rigorous proof of several common-sense hunches. Read more

Getting Stuff Done Roundabouts

17/Oct/2013, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

 Read more

A Metaphor for N2N?

23/Nov/2012, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

N2N is an opportunity to proceed as climbers do. We are roped together; alternately anchoring each other as we move into new territory. Others tell us what lies beyond our view. We can go places together that we could not on our own.  Read more

Shadow of the Future

22/Oct/2012, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Pete reminded me the other day of something important: the 'shadow of the future'. What is that? Read more

Counter-Intuitive Leadership

13/Jul/2012, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Community service can generate more profit!   Read more

Has Our Time Come?

05/Jun/2012, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

A few years back Jacqueline, Ric and I noted that networks could become 'organisations', while some traditional organisations were trying to become 'networks'?  Read more

The Flip Manifesto

27/Mar/2012, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

To those close to us you would already have heard us sing the praises of Daniel Pink. In particular his recent book Drive, where he explores what truly motivates us. If you haven't read it yet, do! It is excellent.  Read more

Improv Wisdom

13/Nov/2011, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

My N2N friend Jacqueline has long urged me to learn from the 'improv' (or improvisation) world. Not to be funny, but to be present, alive and accepting. So I bought improv wisdom, a book by Patricia Madson. Its tag line is "Don't Prepare, Just Show Up".  Read more

A Fresh Set of Eyes

24/Oct/2011, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Ken and I are always editing each other's emails; before they are sent that is! It has become such a habit that I don't often think about it anymore. Read more

Dangerous Ideas: Or the Story of O*

06/Oct/2011, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Next month I have an opportunity to deliver a key-note at HR Exchange - hosted by People Potential in Malaysia and Singapore. As a thought starter I've drafted the following piece titled "Dangerous Ideas: Or the Story of O*".  Read more