Work Rules...

17/Dec/2015, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

…is the title of a new book by Laszlo Bock, head of People Operations at Google. He explains why Google does what it does when it comes to everything internal, from perks and promotions to motivation and productivity.  Read more

Change The Label

07/Apr/2015, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

The Freycinet and Milton Vineyards are 20 minutes apart on Tasmanian (Australian) east coast. (Touring tip? It’s one of the best drives in the world.) 
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Do Not Do It

19/Mar/2015, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

The Culture Vulture* is a weekly blog about workplace culture.
It arrived this morning, signed as usual: “Kind regards, Bill Thomassi*”.
I know Bill. I read his blog. Read more

Trusted Catalyst

10/Feb/2015, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

People from different companies, countries or cultures may not share natural networks. But they might have common interests...and problems. Read more

Ditch Command and Control

28/Jan/2015, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

In his book The Will to Lead (1997), Marvin Bower, McKinsey’s managing partner from 1950 to 1967, urges senior managers to abandon command-and-control structures and adopt a program to develop leaders, starting with themselves.

This is a remarkably prescient opinion: especially when you consider Bower was 94 years old at the time! Read more

Own the Villages

20/Aug/2014, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

An article on "How to Transform Your Brand Into a Movement" caught my eye last week. Read more

Recipe for a Zesty Meeting:

02/Jul/2014, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Imagine halving and squeezing 20 oranges. Cut these 40 halves again, for a total of 80 wedges of peel.
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The free book that really cost me.

13/Jun/2014, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations is available as an ebook for $10. I’m going to pay at least 2 or 3 times that.  Read more

Madoff or Mackey: Who really represents big business?

22/May/2014, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

Bernie Madoff was awarded a 150-year prison sentence, for massive fraud. Read more

Getting stuff done … together

17/Mar/2014, Written by Peter & Ken Everett

My high school woodworking teacher has a lot to answer for. Read more